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event&exibitionsalesIn an era where few companies have the time or resources to hire, train and manage a sales team there is a need for an expert in the field. This is where BPM Sales Solutions come in. We have huge experience in this area and with great success. Whether you are start- up company or a business that is long established we will provide the solution you require. The key to being successful in sales is to have the correct people, properly trained and presented selling the product or service correctly. We take great pride in this area and BPM sales solutions put a huge amount of work in to recruitment, training and Sales Techniques and approaches.

We ensure consistent development & target achievement from our people, by conducting training and coaching in the field by our team leaders and team of Trainers.
We provide direct sales solutions with our sales teams, from field sales (door to door & business to business) and also through venue & exhibition sales. We have extensive experience in the Telecoms industry and the Home Security industry.

Event & Exhibition Sales

BPM are providing this route to market for its business partners for many years, we are experts at ensuring we deliver on our goals by ensuring the location & people are 100% the best fit for the product/service & venue.

This is really an area where we excel, we can bring our clients’ products and services directly to where the customers will be. BPM Sales Solution use a scientific approach to how we choose our events and exhibition sites and also who are the best sales staff to work these sites.

BPM Sales Solutions team have had amazing results from Show’s such as the Ideal Homes Show, Bloom, the Ploughing Championship and many others. Imagine your product or service being presented and sold by experts to many thousands of people. Footfall reached nearly 300k at the National Ploughing Championships in 2014 and we know how to maximise that potential.

Sales and Management Training

If you want to succeed at anything, be it sport, academically or professionally will you need to keep training to improve. Here at BPM sales solutions training is a priority. We provide a training service to all areas in the Sales Business be it direct sales or Retail.

At BPM Sales Solutions we understand the high costs of having a training department on site. For that reason BPM Sales Solutions can provide Sales and development training courses at a very competitive prices, for your specific business needs. A trainer from BPM will met with Management and teams to identify the training need and build a specific course for your business to ensure your teams develop and progress thus ensuring increased productivity. After each course a Trainer will also be on hand for feedback and follow-up sessions and where needs be will provide a training plan for quarter by quarter to ensure your teams are developed to your business requirements.



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